Colin Chapman


Colin Chapman

Mixed media on paper; framed original available (£POA) 

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This portrait of Colin Chapman came about through working very closely with his son, Clive and the archives at Classic Team Lotus at Hethel. The result is a particularly personal portrayal of a very charismatic man, layered subtly with stats and intriguing details.

Colin Chapman founded Lotus Cars in 1952, initially running the company in his spare time with the help of a group of enthusiasts. Beyond automotive design, engineering and construction, he was famously a great innovator, forever pushing technical boundaries as he applied his knowledge of the latest aeronautical engineering techniques to the racing car. His philosophy centred on light weight and precision handling – revolutionary at a time when drivers were wrestling tonnes of metal around the circuits of the day. As the great man said, “Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.”

Team Lotus won seven Formula One contractors’ championships, six drivers’ Championships, and Indianapolis 500, between 1962 and 1978.




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